Across 6 countries with Interrail

You don’t have to travel to the other end of the world to discover beautiful destinations and create unforgettable memories. There are just as many unmissable cities, cultural highlights, nature spots and experiences in Central Europe that will blow you away, as well!

We’ve created an itinerary for a journey from Belgium through Germany and Austria to Hungary, Switzerland and Italy and back again via France. Visiting these 5 top countries is easy with an Interrail pass in your pocket :-)

Interrail pass recommendation

We recommend booking an Interrail Global Pass with at least 15 days of travel in one month. With this bestseller you can travel through 31 countries of your choice in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and France. What’s more, this rail pass allows you to decide for yourself which days you want to travel on, and more importantly how long you want to stay in each place. Discover all of the Interrail Global Pass possibilities >

Your itinerary

Travel day 1: Brussels – Frankfurt (DE)

In just under 3 hours ICE will take you to Frankfurt, a diverse city packed with stunning architecture, top-notch museums and a varied shopping scene… not to mention its amazing local cuisine. Start planning your visit to Frankfurt with these 10 must-sees >

Travel day 2: Frankfurt – Munich (DE)

Take the opportunity to also pay a visit to Munich. Set within 3h11m from Frankfurt, this town may well be one of Germany’s most underrated cities… and home to over 80 museums, the famous English Garden and reputedly the world’s best beer gardens.

Travel day 3: Munich – Salzburg (AT)

A train ride of around 1 hour 30 minutes with ÖBB and you’re in the next country: Austria. One of the country’s top destinations is Salzburg and it’s not hard to see why: medieval baroque buildings, a picturesque setting along the Salzach River, views of the Austrian Alps… Don’t forget to visit Mozart’s birthplace!

Interrail across Europe

Travel day 4: Salzburg – Budapest (HU)

We recommend you slip in a getaway to Budapest in Hungary (a little over 5 hours’ travel). This city is cited as one of the most beautiful ones in Europe, offering a UNESCO-listed centre along the Danube and must-see landmarks such as the Hungarian Parliament and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Travel day 5: Budapest – Vienna (AT)

Once you’ve seen all Budapest has to offer – you’re free to stay a few days thanks to the flexible Interrail Pass – you can travel back to Austria (2h32) to visit Vienna, the majestic capital that’s best known for its stunning Imperial palaces. If you’re a meat lover, do book a table at Figlmüller for an XL schnitzel ;-)

Travel day 6: Vienna – Verona (IT)

It’s a longer journey to Verona, but worth the travel time of 8 hours and a half. Made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, this Italian city is indeed a truly romantic destination, with vineyards surrounding the city. Tip: taste the locally made Amarone wine, made with raisins instead of grapes.

Travel day 7: Verona – Rome (IT)

The Trenitalia trains whisk you off to Rome in 3 hours. Surely you don’t need us to give you a reason to visit this bucket-list destination, but just to remind you here are some of its essentials: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and so much more.

Travel day 8: Rome – Florence (IT)

Picturesque river views, world-renowned art museums and galleries, palaces and cathedrals await in Florence… not to mention Italian foods to die for (as is the case in all the Italian cities in this itinerary). At just 1 hour 20 minutes away from Rome, you can’t say no to a (quick) visit!

Travel day 9: Florence – Milan (IT)

Italy’s capital and the last Italian destination for now: Milan. It’s a city you can’t miss if you’re a fashionista or just really love shopping. From Florence, you can easily travel there in just under 2 hours.


Travel day 10: Milan – Zurich (CH)

Leave Italy behind and get ready for the natural beauty of Switzerland, starting with Zurich. A train ride of less than 4 hours will take you there from Milan. Expect a picture-perfect historic old town, mountains with views of Lake Zurich and waterfront promenades to stroll along.

Travel day 11: Zurich – Lausanne (CH)

If you love getting back to nature, Lausanne will delight you with its lakeside location and breathtaking views, its UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyards and so on. So once you’ve seen Zurich, board an SBB train and take the 2-hour ride to Lausanne.

Travel day 12: Lausanne – Lyon (FR)

Another stage, another country! France in all its diversity awaits. Start your tour in Lyon, 2h48m from Lausanne. On the programme: Vieux Lyon (Old Town), a culinary experience in a typical “bouchon” and a river cruise. Discover even more must-do activities in Lyon >

Travel day 13: Lyon – Montpellier (FR)

Now it’s time to go enjoy the South of France: TGV INOUI France will take you to Montpellier in around 2 hours. With 219 days of sunshine per year, this gem on the Mediterranean Coast will surprise you with its authentic charm.

Travel day 14: Montpellier – Paris (FR)

Trade the sunshine of Montpellier for the romance of Paris (4-hour train ride). Paris is a timeless destination that has something for everyone, from culture to gastronomy, green spaces and shopping. A city not to miss!

Travel day 15: Paris – Brussels (BE)

You’ve now visited 14 of Europe’s best destinations in 6 different countries… Time to get “back to base” and return to Brussels, a journey you’ll take by Eurostar in 1h22m… Hopefully with a smartphone packed with photos and a head full of great travel memories :-)