Reserve your seats at the Pass fare

With your Eurail or Interrail Pass you can travel freely on most trains, but some trains require to reserve your seat (at a preferential passholder fare). To make your journey across Europe easier, you can reserve your seats here:

  • book at the Pass fare upon checking your Eurail or Interrail pass number.
  • for EurostarTGV INOUI, TGV Lyria, European Sleeper, Nightjet and EC Switzerland-Italy.
  • with a 1st class pass you can book in 1st or 2nd class; with a 2nd class pass you can book in 2nd class only.
  • €4 service fee per reservation (in addition to the total price of the tickets).
  • limited number of seats available at Pass fare.

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If you’d like to make a group reservation (9+ people), please contact our groups service by telephone or via the online form.

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