Top 5 museums for children in EuropeTop 5 museums for children

Going on holiday across Europe with children? Wondering how you're going to keep them entertained?

As the urban myth goes, children can't stand cultural attractions and museums: too tiring and boooring…

While this cliché persists, it is nevertheless completely outdated: most major cities now have many museums, each one more ingenious and intriguing than the next, where you can discover almost any subject in an entertaining, intelligible and memorable way.

Here's a brief overview of our five favourite museums for children:

1. NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam

Five floors for the whole family to discover how fascinating science and technology can be. NEMO Science Museum works closely with the University of Amsterdam and various scientific institutions to make the most specialised concepts accessible to the public. Exhibitions, workshops and hands-on experiments await you. Even the building itself is worth the trip, with its impressive architecture overlooking the river IJ.

NEMO Science Museum
V&A Childhood Museum

2. Victoria&Albert Museum of Childhood, London

A museum dedicated entirely to the world of childhood, it is home to a rich collection of artefacts: clothing, toys, dolls and furniture allow you to imagine how life looked for children from the 17th century to the present day. A wide range of creative activities is also organised for children, particularly during the summer.

3. ZOOM Children's Museum, Vienna

Exhibitions, play areas, workshops, an animation studio, as well as a scientific education programme, ZOOM is a real gem among children's museums. Anything goes: touch, smell, play and when it comes to questions… ask as many as you want! Its motto: play is at the heart of learning.

You can also enjoy the animated films produced by the children themselves.

Tropenmuseum junior

4. Musée des Arts Forains (Museum of Fairground Arts), Paris

Leave all your cares at the door of this showstopping museum, where magic is all around and laughter and fun take centre stage! Discover a unique collection of exhibits relating to the performing arts dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. Relive the ambience of the fairgrounds of the belle époque. An enchanting world for young and old alike…

Please note: you can only visit the museum if you have a reservation.

5. Tropenmuseum Junior, Amsterdam

A trailblazer among the children's museums of Europe, Tropenmuseum Junior has developed its very own learning methodology. Children are invited to take part in an immersive experience, in which they can hear, smell and feel as if they were embarking on a real journey across Morocco. Simply unmissable!