International train journeys: all benefits

The train offers many benefits, from a few hours before your trip up until your arrival in the heart of the city. Avoid queueing at check-in and boarding, take up to 3 items of baggage per person, without any charges... and enjoy the on-board comfort to get some work done or simply relax. Discover some of the advantages of travelling by train below.

Plane vs Train

Upon departure

  • arrive 2 hours before boarding
  • make sure your luggage doesn't exceed the allowed dimensions
  • check in your checked luggage
Arrive minutes before departure, no luggage check-in or charges
  • arrive 10 minutes before departure
  • 3 items of luggage per passenger, free of charge
  • no luggage check-in or collection upon arrival

On the plane/train

No space, artificial light & air pressure, no use of electronic devices during take-off and landing
  • narrow seats, no space to move
  • artificial light sources & air pressure
  • shut down all electronic devices for take-off and landing
Comfort & room, time to relax or to work
  • comfortable seats and room to stretch your legs
  • big windows and natural light
  • stay connected (to the Internet) during the entire journey

Here's why to travel to the Mediterranean:

  • the azure sea
  • the beautiful rocky coves and calanques
  • the fashionable resorts like Cannes and St. Tropez
  • the culture cities such as Marseille and Nice

Upon arrival

Airport to airport, with transfer to the city
  • it will probably take at least another half hour to get to your destination
City centre to city centre, fast & direct
  • you arrive right in the heart of the city, your destination is only a few minutes away


By plane

You are feeling weary and listless

By train

You are feeling relaxed an full of energy