7 tips for travelling to Marseille with the kids

You like the history, culture and culinary traditions of the old port city of Marseille. Not to mention the glorious sun, which doesn't leave its place in the sky. But can Marseille also win over your kids? With these tips, it will be an unforgettable holiday for young and old.
Château d'If

1. Tourist train trip to Notre Dame de la Garde

The basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde watches over the city from its hilltop. Not all children are equally fond of visiting religious buildings, we realise that. What about the ride to it? They'll definitely want to try that. By the way, you don't even have to enter the basilica when you get to the top, you can also enjoy the magnificent view over the city and the sea. The ideal background for a nice holiday picture of your little rascals.

2. Boat ride to Château d’If and Îles du Frioul

From train to boat: this mode of transport may appeal even more to the imagination. Everyone aboard? Ferries leave from the Old Harbour for the rock island with its 16th century fort Château d'If, which later served as a prison. The ferry will then take you to the other Îles du Frioul, where adventure awaits you. Because that's what walking over the rocks and along cliffs, creeks and beaches is, isn't it?

3. Visit to the Mucem Museum

Visiting a museum with children? Sometimes that's a challenge, but not when the museum is called 'Mucem'. This special museum will introduce you to European and Mediterranean civilisations. During the school holidays, it offers light-hearted visits and special workshops tailored for children. But the building itself, with its footbridges over the water, is also undoubtedly something the youngest holidaymakers would like.

4. To the beach

A city by the sea, that means beach fun. Did you bring your spades, buckets and swimsuit along? Then you're good for a few hours of pure fun. You don't have to go far for that at all. For example, the Plage des Catalans city beach is just a half-hour walk from the Old Harbour. The fine sand is a dream play paradise for children.

MUCEM, Marseille
Street art in Marseille

5. Street art in the city

A stroll through the city? It's extra fun when it becomes a quest for (crazy) murals. Marseille is known as the centre of French street art. Take a walk through the old district of Le Panier and turn it into a competition: Who spots the graffiti first? You'll often find true works of art in the maze of small alleys and atmospheric squares.

6. Ice creams and other goodies

What is a summer holiday without ice cream? Fortunately, the city's ice cream stalls are never very far away. Would you rather sample a local speciality? Then choose the 'navettes', orange blossom biscuits in the shape of a boat.

7. The journey itself: Take the train

The trip to and from the holiday destination is, of course, also part of the holiday fun. Take the train to Marseille this year, instead of a plane or a car. You can travel directly to your destination from Brussels. A lot more environmentally friendly and without the well-known traffic jams on the Autoroute du Soleil. You'll have all the time you need to read a book or play games with the children during the trip. This way, the journey itself will become an unforgettable, stress-free adventure.

HOW? Direct connection Brussels-Marseille with TGV INOUI and with Eurostar Sun during the summer months.

Two girls in a train