Budget-friendly city trips: Marseille for €60 per dayMarseille for €60 per day

Marvellous holidays in Marseille are accompanied by delicious food, unforgettable atmosphere and great sightseeing. And you don't need to be rich to enjoy what is on offer. You can have an unforgettable holiday with a modest budget of just €60 per day. That's a promise :-)

The calanques in Marseille
  • The journey there and back

    By rail of course! You can reach Marseille directly from Brussels in just 5 hours by taking the TGV® or Eurostar Sun high-speed train. If travelling off-peak (or by booking early!) you can find fares starting at €40* (Eurostar Sun) and €59* with TGV INOUI.
    By the way, there are no additional costs hidden in these fares! You travel in comfort from city centre to city centre without having to plan or pay for additional transfers. What's more, you can bring as much luggage as you want. Good news for the shopaholics among you ;-)
    Travel expense = 2 x €40 = €80
  • Accommodation

    On websites such as French Hostelworld or Airbnb, you'll find an unbelievable selection of affordable and attractive hostels, guest houses or apartments that often even include breakfast. Expect to pay at least €35 for a room in a central location, e.g. by the Old Port.
    Accommodation expense = 4 x €35 = €140
  • Out and about in Marseille

    The cheapest solution is of course a good old stroll ;-) If you are fit, have time on your hands, and aren't put off by the summer heat, then why not visit all of the sights by foot.
    In order to visit the city in a more comfortable way, you can of course use public transport: by subway, tram or bus you can reach pretty much everything there is to see here (see "Experience and Visit" below). A particularly good value ticket is the "Pass XL 7 jours" for €13.70 with which you can travel for 7 days on all public transport lines (boat lines included!).
    Public transport expense = €13.70
  • Food

    In Marseille you can eat your way around the entire planet, or around the Mediterranean at least :-) The large proportion of immigrants has left its mark and – besides the traditional Provençal cuisine – you will also find Levantine, Maghreb, Greek, Italian, Corsican, Spanish, Jewish-Sephardic and Armenian cuisine here.
    For budget-conscious visitors, this means that you will not only be able to eat exceedingly well, but also cheaply: pizzas, tapas, daily and fish dishes for less than €10 are common in Marseille. Our favourites include the Egyptian cuisine at "La Cantine de Nour d'Egypte" and the fresh, local organic dishes at "Grain de Sable".
    Food expense = 4 x €15 = €60
  • Experience and Visit

    Marseille is an unbelievably welcoming city, enchanting with its popular neighbourhoods, picturesque rocky bays and romantic islands.
    In order to be enchanted by the charm of the city, you only need to take the city buses: Bus 60 will take you up to the Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, while Bus 82 will take you to the MuCEM Museum and the Old Port. The most beautiful bus line in the city is number 83, which takes you along the beaches and the "Corniche".

    Relax, breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy the view over the city. Why not go on a boat trip? For example, between the Old Port, the port of "l'Estaque" in the north or the ports of "La Pointe Rouge" and "Les Goudes" in the south. These trips are included in the price of the "Pass XL 7 jours" ticket mentioned above ;-)
    One last tip for those interested in culture: if you want to learn more about the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean, don't miss the breathtaking MuCEM Museum. It's free on the first Sunday of each month!
    Visit expense = free and priceless ;-)

Total expenses = < €300 => €60 / day

Conclusion – Have fun in Marseille!