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How to lose that extra holiday weight: go hiking in GermanyHiking in Germany’s Eifel

The holiday season stands for extensive Christmas dinners with friends and family... And while those tasty meals with several courses in lovely company make for great moments and memories, they may very well add a few extra pounds on the scale. We’ve all been there!

The German Eifel mountain range is the ideal region to work off some of that extra holiday weight. You can burn between 300 and 600 calories per hour by walking – just pick one of the countless routes on the Eifelsteig trail, with its 313 km stretching from Aachen to Trier.

Eifelsteig wandelroute

Easy level

If you want to start slowly, travel to the charming town of Hofweiler to start a 6-km round tour. The trail starts at the town’s church, crossing through the dense forest and leading on natural paths. The tour will take you past a former stone quarry in Altrich and a viewing point overlooking the Eifel.

How to get there: take the IC to Luxembourg (3h17 from Brussels) and then change onto a regional train to Kordel (1h16). From here, a bus will take you to Hofweiler in about 10 minutes.

Medium level

If you’re up for a longer walk, you can take the 10-km long Struffelt route, which begins (and ends) in Roetgen. The trail runs through the Struffelt nature reserve, an area of heathland in the middle of forested surroundings. The walk will guide you along the purple moor grass that’s so typical of this reserve and through the Dreilägerbach dam area.

How to get there: take the Thalys or the ICE to Aachen (1h08 from Brussels), then travel to Roetgen by bus (1h10).

Difficult level

The more experienced hiker can enjoy the Stausee-Prümtal route. This 15-km long trail begins in Biersdorf am See at the Bitburg Reservoir on the river Prüm. It has a bit of everything: the occasional steep climb, river bends, walking paths in the woods and wide-open nature views from atop hills…

How to get there: take the IC to Luxembourg (3h17 from Brussels) and then change onto a regional train to Bitburg-Erdorf (1h46). From here, a bus will take you to Biersdorf am See in about 16 minutes.