The Website uses so-called "cookies", small information files that are temporarily or permanently stored by the server of a website via the browser on your computer or device and that simplify, complete and personalise the use of the website.

In your browser, you can turn off the storage of cookies or delete stored cookies, but this may lead to diminished functionality, delays or the disablement of certain parts of the Website.
For more information about cookies and how you can delete them depending on the type of browser you use, we would like to refer you to the website

We use the following cookies:


1. Strictly necessary cookies


These are cookies that enable you to view the Website, use the functions on the Website (such as your shopping cart with orders) and to gain access to the secured or registered sections. If the use of these cookies is turned off, you will no longer be able to use certain sections of the Website properly.


2. Functionality cookies


These are cookies that enable us to keep track of your choices and preferences (such as language choice and such), to enhance the ease of use of the Website and show you relevant information.


3. Performance-enhancing cookies


These are cookies whose aim is to collect information about how you use the Website, such as information concerning the pages visited or the number of displayed error messages, for the purpose of analysing and optimising the use of the Website.
Performance-enhancing cookies are also known as analytical cookies. It is possible that the information that is acquired from the use of these cookies is collected by a third party. These third parties act as subcontractors for SNCB/NMBS to provide information to SNCB/NMBS to improve the Website and its services. Below, please find more information about these third parties and how they use the information that is collected via the cookies.

Google Analytics

Google may use this information for the following:

i. Supply reports concerning the advertisement activity to advertisers and websites that host those advertisements and ensure that those website publishers are paid;
ii. It helps website and app owners who use Google Analytics to understand how visitors interact with their sites or apps;
iii. Detect and combat fraud and other security risks to protect users and partners;
iv. Comply with statutory obligations;
v. Improve its products.

For all these activities with the exception of point 2) Google acts as the processor, and the processing of the information that they collect about the use of the Website is Google's own responsibility.

How can you manage which information is sent to Google?

Here are a number of ways you can manage which information is shared by your browser when you visit the Website:

  • If you do not want Google Analytics to be used in your browser, you can install the browser-add-on voor Google Analytics. More information about Google Analytics and privacy.
  • If you are logged on to your Google account, you can - depending on your account settings - view and edit certain information that Google collects from the sites you have visited and apps you have used.
  • With the incognito mode in Chrome, you can surf the Internet without the web pages and files being stored in your browser history. Cookies are deleted after you have closed all incognito windows and tabs. Your bookmarks and settings are stored until you delete them.
  • with Advertisement settings you can manage which Google advertisements you will be shown on the Internet. You can find out how advertisements are selected for you, you can sign out from Personalisation of advertisements and block specific advertisers. More information about advertisements.

Firebase Analytics

In the Apps, SNCB/NMBS uses Firebase Analytics, an analytical tool developed by Google. This tools collects statistical information about how users use the app, for example, which functions they use, which information they submit.
The tool works on the basis of the advertisement ID that is linked to the Android or iOS operating system on your smartphone or tablet. This ID is not linked to the telephone number of the smartphone nor the physical user of it. In other words, based on that advertisement ID, it is impossible for SNCB/NMBS to identify you.
In the first phase, the collected information shall only be used to improve the app.

Would you prefer that Firebase not to keep track of how you use the App?

Then you must do the following:

  • In the settings of an iPhone, you go to ‘Privacy’ and then to ‘Advertisement’ (at the bottom). Click on 'Reset Advertisement ID' and slide the 'Limit advertisement tracking' to 'On'.
  • For an android phone, you go to 'Settings', then 'Google' and 'Advertisements'. Press 'Reset Advertisement ID'. You then make sure that 'Sign off for personalisation of advertisements' is selected.

Social networks

SNCB/NMBS can store IT applications of third parties on the Website or the Apps that give you the option of sharing the content of the Website with others, let them know that you have consulted the website or to share your opinion on certain content of the Website or Apps with others. This is particularly the case with such buttons as 'Share' and 'Like' of social network sites such as 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'LinkedIn' etc. Social networks that offer such app buttons may place cookies and identify you based on this button. A social network can possibly also place cookies when you visit the SNCB/NMBS page on the social network. SNCB/NMBS invites you to consult the privacy policy of these social networks to get acquainted with the purposes (including advertising purposes) for which the browse information collected by them in this context may be used.


4. Advertising cookies


These are cookies we use to offer you personalised and relevant advertisements, to determine how many times a certain advertisement is displayed, to calculate the effectiveness of a certain advertising campaign, to keep track of past visits and to share the collected information with the third parties involved, such as the advertisers. These are used on the Website and placed on your device by third parties such as the companies that are linked to SNCB/NMBS and the advertisers that are part of the publicity network of the Website.
SNCB/NMBS uses the following publicity cookies:

The Website uses Google Remarketing. This tool places cookies on your device in order to show you personalised advertisements. These advertisements take your earlier visits to the Website into account. In point (iii) above, under Google Analytics, you will find more information about what Google does with the collected information. Additional information can be found via the following link.
The Google Remarketing tool uses Google's Display Advertising network.
You can always turn off these cookies in the settings of your browser, via the following Google link or the link offered by

The Website also uses Facebook Pixel. This is an image not visible to you that is included on the pages of our website and is stored on the servers of Facebook. Every time you open a page on our site where the Facebook pixel is included, this pixel is downloaded onto your device from that Facebook server. In this, the following information is provided to Facebook: your IP address and the specific characteristics of your device (for example: type, operating system, specific software and hardware).
While we cannot link this information to you personally, Facebook can if you also have a profile on Facebook. In this, Facebook acts as processor for the processing. SNCB/NMBS invites you to consult the privacy policy of Facebook to get acquainted with the purposes (including advertising purposes) for which the browse information collected by them in this context can be used.
From Facebook we only receive statistical information and therefore not your personal data.
If you wish not to receive certain advertisements, you can adapt your advertisement preferences in your personalised Facebook page. Via the settings of your mobile device you can also indicate that the machine information is not to be shared with third parties.

Lastly, the Website uses Criteo retargeting cookies that are used to display Criteo personalised advertisements via the advertisers network (based on your earlier visits to the website), regardless of which device you use for your internet connection (computer, tablet or smartphone). By bundling your searches and purchases on various websites, the Criteo retargeting cookies can recognise and identify the same user - even though this person remains anonymous - and this regardless of the browser used. Just like with all other cookies, you can sign out for the Criteo cookies according to the instructions on In this case, signing out applies to all devices that you use with an Internet connection.