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IZY, the new low-cost train from Brussels to Paris


Brussels and Paris, that's IZY!

The new IZY low-cost train - operated by Thalys - runs a daily service between Paris and Brussels from €19*.
Book your tickets for the IZY train now >
  • IZY, the new low-cost train operated by ThalysIZY Logo
  • Connects Paris and Brussels daily in 2:30 (2 to 3 services per day)
  • Book your tickets up to 2 months in advance. Optional: book your tickets up to one hour before departure
  • Check-in starts 30 minutes before departure up to 10 minutes before departure time (indicated on your ticket)
  • Seat reservation is optional


With IZY, you can travel between Brussels and Paris at competitive prices. IZY also offers special fares for children and people with reduced mobility.


This fare, which is the lowest possible, does not guarantee you a seat. It all depends on availability on the train once it has departed. However, the Train Manager will let you know if a seat is available (after departure).

FOLDING SEATS (from €15*)

These folding seats are numbered and clearly identified.

STANDARD (from €19*)

With standard seats, you can travel in peace for a bargain price.

STANDARD XL (from €29*)  

These seats are available as an optional add-on, providing optimum comfort to make your journey even more enjoyable. You have more legroom, a reclining seat and a larger table.


There is a special child's fare of €10 for children under the age of 12. They must be accompanied by at least one person old enough to travel alone who must be able to prove their age upon request. Children under the age of 4 who do not require their own seat, may travel for free on their parent's lap.


This fare is reserved for people who require improved access to the train. Passengers have access to a specially adapted carriage with converted seats. There are also adapted toilets in this carriage.


You can tailor your IZY journey to your requirements at the right price with the following optional add-ons: take an additional bag, book a Standard XL seat, bring a pet or opt for text message notifications concerning your journey, your seat or traffic conditions.


The following luggage is included in the cost of the ticket:

  • one cabin bag (width 35 cm, height 55 cm and depth 25 cm - 32 kg maximum)
  • one piece of hand luggage (width 27 cm, height 36 cm, depth 15 cm – 10 kg maximum)

The following are also considered as hand luggage:

  • any animal carrier with the dimensions 55 x 30 x 30 cm,
  • a folding stroller,
  • a folding bike.

The luggage add-on allows you to take an extra bag in addition to your cabin bag and hand luggage. The maximum weight of the additional bag is 32 kg, its length cannot exceed 2 m. The additional baggage payment can be made during your ticket purchase at a cost of €10, or at €30 on the platform. Customers are also entitled to take larger objects as additional luggage, for example a bike in a special bicycle cover (compulsory), a musical instrument, skis or any other large object.


The text message add-on (+€2 per passenger) is the easiest way to stress-free travel. You'll receive text messages containing all the information and details of your journey, in addition to keeping you updated on traffic conditions.


(€15 per pet during your ticket purchase; €30 per pet on the platform before departure)

It is free to transport small dogs and other pets in carriers with dimensions of 55 x 30 x 30. Guide dogs are not included in this option and may travel for free.

alert Travel update

Reinforced security measures at Thalys stations in France

No rail traffic between Brussels-Midi, Brussels-Central and Brussels-North stations from 29 April to 1st May.