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Taking your bicycle on the train

Bicycle compartment on a Belgian train

Like on the Belgian domestic network, we offer special facilities and measures to allow you to travel with your bicycle on international trains as well. If you'd like to explore your holiday destination by bike, depending on the type of train, there are several options for taking your bike - or even your tandem!


ATTENTION: If you are travelling to France with Thalys or TGV, or you are travelling with Eurostar, your luggage must have a label with your name and seat number.

On board the Thalys, a bicycle is only allowed if its front wheel has been removed and if the bicycle is packed in a special bicycle cover (maximum measurement: 120x90 cm).

Your bike can be carried free of charge as "hand luggage", on condition that it is dismantled (wheels removed) and placed in a special cover for bike transport with maximum dimensions of 1.2 x 0.9m. When it is packed like this, your bike can be stowed in one of the spaces available at the ends of each carriage.

Bicycles are not allowed on board of TGV SNCF.

Bicycles are not allowed on board of ICE.

There are 3 options for travelling with your bike on Eurostar:


1. Folding bikes, or bike bags up to 85 cm

If you've got a folding bike, you can carry it on board as part of your luggage allowance. That's as long as you can fold or dismantle your bike (with the saddle, handlebars and wheels removed) and place it in a bike bag. Your bike bag can be up to 85cm long.


2. Registered luggage service on your travel day

  • Bike bags between 85 and 120 cm long

If you can fold or dismantle your bike and put it in a bike bag between 85cm and 120cm long, you can use our registered luggage service on the day, provided by EuroDespatch for £10 each way from London and €15 from Paris or Brussels. In most cases, your bike will travel on the same train as you. On the rare occasion that there’s no space left on that train, your bike will need to travel on the next train that has space for it.

To maximise the chances of your bike travelling on the same train as you, it’s best to arrive an hour before your train’s departure and head straight to the registered luggage office.


  • Fully assembled bikes or larger bike bags

Fully assembled bikes or bike bags over 120cm long need to be sent through our registered luggage service. You can book this on the day for just £25 each way from London, €29 from Paris or €30 from Brussels. You’ll just need to show your Eurostar ticket or booking reference when you register. The charge is non-refundable but, subject to availability, the bike booking may be exchangeable before your departure date.

We’ll do all that we can to get your bike on the same train as you if there’s space and we always guarantee that it’ll be sent within 24 hours of your own booked departure.


3. Book a place in advance for your bike on Eurostar

For total peace of mind, we have a guaranteed bike transfer service, where you can reserve a place for your bike or bike bag on the train you’re travelling on. This is available for bike bags and fully assembled bikes up to 2m long. To book a place in advance for a journey starting in London, Paris or Brussels, it costs £30 each way and you'll need to quote your Eurostar booking reference or show your ticket to make your reservation. This charge is non-refundable but, if there isn't enough luggage space in the hold on your train, you can change your bike booking to travel on another Eurostar train.
To book in advance or find out more about this service, call +32 (0)2 224 88 62 (Brussels) or +44 (0)844 822 5822 (London).

In some traditional trains, travelling by day or night, you can take your bike or a tandem. As the number of places is restricted, we highly recommend to avoid peak times (boarding and unloading of the bike/tandem is the passenger's responsibility).


Here's a look at the possibilities and prices:


Destination Train types Prices*
Belgium > The Netherlands

IC-trains with a luggage compartment or baggage carriage

€ 9 (bicycle)
€ 15 (tandem)


€ 9 (bicycle)
€ 15 (tandem)

All trains bound for Maastricht

€ 5 (one way)

€ 8 (1day)

 Belgium > Germany

IR-trains between Liège and Aachen

€ 9 (bicycle)

Belgium > Switserland

Day trains n°90/91 (Vauban) and 96/97 (Iris), only in the carriage bound for Brussels-Basel.

Compulsory reservation (€ 5) at least 1 day prior to travel 

€ 9 (bicycle)
€ 15 (tandem)

Belgium > France

Cross-border trains (via Blaindain and Tourcoing to all stations between the Belgian border and Lille)

€ 9 (bicycle)
€ 15 (tandem)



* These proces are valaid for journeys departing from Belgium. For departures from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg the prices are set by CFL, from the Netherlands by NS, from Germany by DB and from Switzerland by CFF/SBB. When departing from a French station, the fares for the transport of bikes will be paid to the on-board attendants.

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* Unless expressly stated otherwise, all fares quoted are per person/per leg (VAT included) based on an online reservation for a 2nd class return from Brussels. Please note, terms and conditions apply. Tip: As the number of seats at the lowest fares on Thalys, Eurostar, TGV and ICE is limited, we recommend that you book your trip as early as possible. Most international trains allow reservations to be made from 3 months before the date of departure (from 4 months on Eurostar).

Notice: you do not have a right of withdrawal in accordance with article 47 of the Act of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection.