The 5 ultimate destinations for 2019

Still haven't got any idea where you're going to in 2019? You don't have to travel halfway round the world in search of unforgettable experiences. Europe also has many still-undiscovered gems waiting for you. Ready to be bewitched?

1. Piedmont, Italy

This northern Italian region is a feast for all your senses. The sun warms your skin, the rolling hills with vineyards are a feast for the eyes and the scent of the south (and Italian cuisine) engulfs you right away. Of course, you've only really been to Piedmont when you've tasted a regional wine – we can recommend the Barolo. Crickets are chirping in the background and the holiday feeling is complete. The main advantage? This region hasn't yet been inundated by tourists, but it's at least as beautiful as Tuscany, its popular counterpart. Travel by train to Turin, Piedmont's capital, and explore the entire region from there.

2. Oslo, Norway

This is the city for nature lovers. The ideal compromise for a diverse group of travellers. Or for those who can't choose. One moment you're visiting interesting museums such as the Kontiki Museum, the Fram Museum or the Nobel Peace Centre. The next, you're walking along the beautiful Oslofjord, through the gigantic Vigeland Park or taking the subway to the Holmenkollen ski jump, where an impressive view of the city and fjord awaits you. One final tip? Above all, don't forget to honour the Opera with a visit. The building looks like an ice floe in the fjord and you can even walk on the roof.


3. Essen, Germany

It's being whispered about that Essen is the new Berlin. Do you really need more to jump on the train? Where it used to be known only for industry and coal mines, today Essen is a vibrant cultural city. Expect modern architecture, old factories transformed into concert and theatre halls, mind-blowing museums and green parks. Is this also a destination for shopaholics, you ask? Of course! Even when the weather is bad. The Limbecker Platz shopping centre has more than 200 shops. That should keep you busy for a couple of hours...

4. The Hague, the Netherlands

You've already been to Amsterdam. Even though a reunion with your favourites is always enjoyable, you'll go off the beaten track in 2019. The Hague is rapidly making a name for itself as the ideal city trip destination. You've got museums to choose from in the city proper. Will it be the paintings from the Golden Age in the Mauritshuis? Or rather the works of Escher in the museum dedicated to this graphic artist? Visitors take in the city's shops and restaurants as well, and not only the museums. And afterwards? You then head over to Scheveningen beach. The salty sea air and no less than 11 kilometres of sandy beaches make you forget that the city is so close by.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

What do you know about the Danish capital? The fact that you're welcomed by the Little Mermaid statue and that you can feast your eyes on Tivoli, the beautiful amusement park? Or that you can stroll along the colourful façades in the charming harbour 'Nyhavn'? Maybe you're also thinking of the numerous cyclists who are in charge in the city. Naturally, it's best to discover for yourself why this city also deserves a place among the musts – Lonely Planet also confirms this!