Street art in Ostend

Also known as the "Queen of Seaside Resorts", the coastal city of Ostend is so much more than sea and sand. The city is a real cultural hotspot, with sights like the St Petrus and St Paulus Church, the Mu.ZEE museum, the James Ensor House, etc.

Art intervention by Jaune

Since 2016 Ostend has been hosting "The Crystal Ship" festival, which displays contemporary art spread throughout the city and boroughs of Ostend. Graffiti, sculptures, murals,… of famous artists worldwide are waiting to be admired!

Follow the art route through the city by bike (if you want to see all pieces) or on foot (in the centre of Ostend and on Oosteroever). Each year 20 works are added to the collection. If you look closely, you will also discover hundreds of fantastic art interventions in the city: tiny sculptures in gutters and on bus stops, small and humorous artworks on façades, etc.

From social and political criticism, personal stories and geometric figures to black and white works and portraits in bright colours, surrealistic works, flowers and animals,... All topics are covered at the festival. Let yourself be inspired by our favourites below!

Guido Van Helten
Que Mas by Guido van Helten
Mural by Jaz
The Crystal Ship
Left to right: murals by Cyrcle, Elian and Roa