5 Guinness World Records in Europe

Europe is unique in so many ways. Did you know that quite a few European countries have some pretty unique records to their name? We list 5 of them that are certainly worth a visit here. Put them on your bucket list of places to visit when these bizarre times are over. Enjoy reading our post!
Hampton Court Maze

1. Great Britain – Oldest hedge maze

In the gardens of Hampton Court Palace, you can literally get lost in the world's oldest hedge maze. King William III commissioned the maze’s construction around 1700. George London and Henry Wise designed the trapezoid-shaped labyrinth at the king’s request. The hedge originally consisted of hornbeam, but this was later replaced by yew. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the centre of the maze. Can you do better?


The Wilderness

Hampton Court - Palace Gardens

Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU

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Largest bobbin lace

2. Portugal – Largest bobbin lace

It took the Tendilheiras, who are the ladies working with the bobbins, more than a year to complete this masterpiece. The bobbin lace ended up measuring more than 50 m2. The piece is currently on show at the Museum das Rendas de Bilros, which is devoted entirely to the art of lace-making. You can also explore the museum's extensive collection of lace making tools and materials. The local community is very proud of this piece of craftsmanship. With this museum they aim to secure the future of lace making.


Museu das Rendas de Bilros

Rua de São Bento 70

4480-781 Vila do Conde

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Promenade de la Treille - Geneva

3. Switzerland – Longest wooden bench

Does 3,000 people sharing one bench seem unlikely to you? In Switzerland they managed it! The longest wooden bench in the world is 1,013.32 metres long and runs straight through the hills and mountains of the Appenzellerland region. Incidentally, this is also a gorgeous area for venturing out on walks. The bench contains name tags along its length that people could sign up for on Facebook. Fun fact: the bench was made by a Swiss cheese producer as a publicity stunt.



9108 Jakobsbad

Biggest sigar in the world

4. Belgium – Biggest cigar

The small country of Belgium is quite special in many ways. One peculiarity is the Pipe and Tobacco Museum in Sint-Niklaas. The museum’s showpiece is the biggest cigar in the world, which was made with roughly 9,300 tobacco leaves. The cigar weighs 400 kilograms and is a whopping 6.43 meters long. And if you are there on a beautiful day, you can end your museum visit in style with a refreshing drink at the Reynaert Salon.


Pipe and Tobacco Museum

Regentiestraat 29

9100 Sint-Niklaas

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5. Germany – Narrowest street

This world record has been the subject of much debate. Some say that the current narrowest street is not really worthy of the name 'street'. So why not go and take a look yourself? The Guinness Book of Records has listed Speuerhofstraße in Reutlingen, Germany, as the 'narrowest street’ since 2007. The alley is 3.8 metres long and is about 40 cm wide on average.



72764 Reutlingen